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Introduction :

This service is started to provide quick and easy access to the employees of the
Board to their service records & accounts with ease and at their will.

Traditional System :

The traditional system of getting information by an employee about his / her record /
account :
1. The employee goes to the concerned section asking for information.
2. The concerned employee searches the file or register if he is free otherwise tells
the asking employee to come at some other time when he / she is free.
3. The concerned employee who keeps the record gives verbal information to the
asking employee.
4. Many a time the employee is not satisfied with the answer.

New System :

The newly adopted system of providing information about Leave, GPF, Wages and
other information is quite effective, quick, easy and transparent –
1. Initially a computer system is installed with the Information Center.
2. Employee has to press his employee number along with password to get the
information regarding balance leave, GPF & Loan balance, important dates, pay
slip and attendance.
This reduce the time, cost and labour and gives more satisfaction to the employee.

Advantages of the New System :

Time , cost & labour effective.
Quick & easy.
Self operated.
All time accessible.
Accurate and true information to the employees.
Reduces dispute / confusion among employees.

1. Time , cost & labour effective.
2. Quick & easy.
3. Self operated.
4. All time accessible.
5. Accurate and true information to the employees.
6. Reduces dispute / confusion among employees.

Working of the System :

1. The employee Utility System gives information about payroll, GPF
Management, leave management, important dates (Date of birth, date of
joining, date of retirement etc.)
2. If all the above systems are computerized in the Cantonment Board then data
can be directly retrieved from their databases else the data has to be manually
fed in the computer.

Language to be used in the Software:

Since the software is being developed for the entire staff hence the data should be
displayed both in Hindi and English.

Where should the software be installed?

The software should be installed on a system where the staff goes to sign the
attendance in the morning.

Staff Required :


User Training :

No user training is required only an ID and password should be given to all
the employees. This ID and password can be auto generated or be assigned by the


Strict validations should be put so that only required data is entered in the system.

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